Sunday, March 13, 2011

Using keyword anchor texts for best results

Using keyword anchor texts for obtaining inlinks has been in practice for quite some time. However, novice web masters often wonder the purpose of using specific words and phrases used as anchor texts. This article briefs on the importance of anchor texts and the ways to choose your anchor text for inbound links. It is a well known fact that the number of links that point toward your website determines the authority of your website in the internet. However this isn’t the only purpose of the anchor texts. In fact they have much greater impact on your visitor count and in generating business leads.

While choosing anchor texts it is important to choose keywords that best describe your business and at the same time check if you could achieve the desired results by utilizing the keywords or phrases. Avoid generic keywords and phrases such as website templates and choose something specific to your geographical location, such as Dallas landscaping if you are involved in landscaping business.

On the other hand using brand names such as Stephen Joseph could be the best option if you are planning to promote your branded products. Yet another way to choose your keyword for anchor text is to look for the search queries that online customers use while searching products. For example using laundry bag as your anchor text for a web page that markets laundry bags will be the right option. These would ensure that only targeted traffic, which has a greater conversion rate, reaches your website. Not only the right anchor texts bring in targeted traffic but also help you to increase your Google pagerank making your website trustworthy.


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