Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Role of Website Design in Online Businesses

Most website owners have well understood the importance of SEO. This is why you can find a number of web development companies offering various SEO packages and PPC solutions that suits the need of specific businesses. Even the casual bloggers are aware of the online money making opportunities offered by the internet. Most webmasters and website owners are also aware of the importance of text in websites. One thing that still remains vague even among web development experts is the role of website design in online business. This article attempts to elucidate the importance of web design for various money making websites.

There has been tremendous research going on to make websites as efficient as possible and website design has been identified as an important criterion that improves the income from websites drastically. When it comes to website design three are several aspects to be noted and these include the color of the website, content management of the website, effective navigation, strategic placement of links, graphics, and many more.

Most of these effective website design techniques are based on the behavioral pattern of the web visitors and the human psychology. Colors and graphics play a major role in retaining the visitors and making them interact with the website. Take for example a website with pink hue is said to attract female visitors and if the website offers products of interest to female visitors the website showed a relatively high sales. Animated graphics on the other hand is a simple technique of attracting visitors and when wisely utilized it increased the number of clicks enormously.

When it comes to content management and strategic placement of links in the website again the techniques are derived from the results of researching the combinations of behavioral pattern and human psychology. For example when the text of the website arrange in ‘E’ or ‘F’ pattern, the percentage of the clicks received from the visitors were incredibly more. Although all of the links in the web page received greater number of clicks, the ones that were placed on top, in the right, and in the middle received comparatively high number of clicks. Using this technique for informative websites that make money through ad programs, such as Google’s adsense can improve income from the website in multi-folds!

When it comes to websites selling products, navigation of the website has it positive impact on the potential buyers. Behavioral patterns show that most buyers do not purchase a product at the first visit; instead they navigate through all the pages to gather information. They take some time to compare products and pricing with similar websites and only during their second or their visit they tend to place an order or purchase items. Most of the websites that were difficult to navigate or find information were abandoned by the customers. This is why it is advised to make the navigation of the site easy. Important information such as pricing, and quality should have a direct link from the home page or at least a pop up message.

The above mentioned tips for website design are only the tip of the ice berg! There are a lot more which can not be revealed as it might annoy the professionals that earn money through web designing.


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