Saturday, October 31, 2009

Keyword Research and Usage in SEO Process

It would have been great if unique content and luculent articles were sufficient to grade your website or bring in the desired traffic. Unfortunately this doesn’t happen due to the algorithmic patterns of search engines. In order to show up in search engines certain SEO tactics, such as use of keywords and phrases, backlink building and the like should be done as an ongoing process. This article focuses on keyword research and usage in SEO process.

Keywords and phrases are the basic structural and functional unit of any SEO process. Keywords are nothing but the popular search terms used by surfers that wish to find information, products or service need. Although it seems to be easy, it could be a tough job to find the apt keywords that are both less competitive and can bring in traffic to your website. The real part of keyword research involves extensive research in finding the best keywords and key phrases for which your website can rank high on search engines. SEO experts use brainstorming to find relevant keywords and test the keywords using SEO tools.

While picking keywords it is important that you choose keywords that are less competitive and yet have high searches. Online SEO tools such as word tracker can come a long way in finding out the approximate keyword competition and KEI so that you can optimize your website effectively and rank on top 10 positions. However, beginners commit the blunder of the so called keyword stuffing, which will result in penalizing of the website. The proper keyword density for any content should be a minimum of 3% and a maximum of 7% any thing lesser will not work and any thing more will be of violation of SEO rules.

When it comes to essential information or specific products and services, it is always wise to choose long tail keywords. Although it might result in slightly lower traffic generation, the great advantage of long tail keywords is that the conversion rates of your website will increase in multi-folds. This is because your websites will show up for potential buyers and most of them use long tailed keywords for find the products they need.

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