Friday, November 13, 2009

Common Issues with Free Stuff Offered in the Internet

For many the world of internet means the world of freebies! It certainly is true to some extent. You can get almost anything in the internet for free. While most of the free products are intangible web-based ones like software, widgets, web tools, website templates, icons, logos, and the like, there are also tangible products that range from ice creams, perfumes, electronic gadgets, clothing, to stationery that attract lovers of freebies. If there is a thing that attracts people of all age groups from around the globe toward the internet, then it is the freebies offered by various websites. This article focuses on the common issues with free stuff offered in the internet.

This is where the marketing strategy of the 21st century lies. In reality there is a strong motive behind every free offer in the internet. For example, a drug store offering free samples of costly medicines is really using the people to test the effectiveness of the drug. An electronic company that provides free components through the web expects feedback from you to improve the usability of their newly designed product. Marketers of perfumes certainly give away free sachets of perfumes only to make you buy their brands at your local stores. The case of free website templates is no different from the above mentioned scenarios


While you have all the freedom to use the goods you obtain via free offers, it is up to you to face the consequences. Remember you have to pay for what you have obtained by one way or the other! Same is the case with free templates as well. Free website templates are first of all are jaded in nature. They are often carelessly designed and may contain obscure coding that would prevent effective search engine optimization. Moreover if you keenly observe the footer of the pages, you will find a link back to the parent website that provided you the free template. If you are using the free template, you are bound by the terms of the parent website and have to retain the links on the template.

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