Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Google Indexing Services

Google being one of the major search engines, collects, analyzes, and stores data in order to find information quickly and accurately. Typical index design includes categorizing of websites based on the textual content for quick retrieval on request by the web user. While vocabulary plays a major role in Google indexing, a few other content types like video, audio, and graphics are also indexed.

Google robot analyzes every page it crawls to produce a voluminous index of all obvious words along with their location on each page. Furthermore, the process information presented on labels and key attributes including title tags and alt img tags. Google bot has the ability to process a variety of content, but a few types, such as media archives and dynamic pages.

Google Indexer

Googlebot crawls the full text of the pages it finds and delivers the information to Google indexer, which in turn stored in the database of Google. This index is arranged in an alphabetical manner according to the search terms and location. This arrangement of data ensures quick access to documents containing the keywords used during a request.

In order to enhance performance stop words which are usually common words, single letters, and numbers are avoided from being indexed. A few other features discarded by the Google indexer include punctuation and spaces. It also converts the alphabet into lowercase.

The whole process is share among three vital components namely, googlebot, indexer and the query processor.

Google Indexing Service

In a website life cycle getting indexed by Google is a crucial phase. Without being indexed in Google it is a tough task to promote your website. This were our service comes in to assist you in getting your website indexed by Google using strategic tools. Getting indexed in Google is certainly synonymous to opening the threshold for your potential buyers.

Google will list your website only if your website is indexed by Google. There are several flaws that could prevent your site from getting indexed in Google.

Note: Don’t trust websites that guarantee Google indexing because it is Google’s right to approve or deny approval of websites. This is why we do not give assurance when it comes to indexing and listing of your websites in Google. However, this rarely happens when you adhere to Google’s terms and policies.

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