Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Optimizing Web Pages for Yahoo Adds to Your Web Traffic!

Yahoo is second only to Google in terms of web visitors. Yet most web developers and search engine optimization experts keep ignoring the grand search engine! It is true that Google has monopolized the internet but internet is too large to be under the dominion of a single giant. In fact 33% of traffic to websites comes from Yahoo!

The recent research on the search engine revealed surprising results. It seems Yahoo is the favorite search engine of students and young people that search of relevant information. Although search of businesses or products are much lesser than Google, people that use Yahoo are ardent lovers of information. This is why website that receives traffic from yahoo earns more through click ads. The research also revealed that the Asian demographic is more comfortable with Yahoo than Google.

MSN is yet another major search engine almost forgotten by the SEO experts. It certainly is inferior to Google and Yahoo. Yet one can not deny the role of MSN in the amount of traffic it generates. Smart online entrepreneurs of today should leave no stone unturned to reach their goal. It is wise to optimize your website for all the three search engines to gain good traffic and conversion. Wondering how to optimize your website for Yahoo?

In the future posts I shall reveal the secrets of search engine optimization for the three major search engines Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Do visit the site often to gain current knowledge on web development.

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