Monday, July 6, 2009

Spam Filters Can Aid in Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions?

If this highly metaphysical title makes you think a possible relationship between spam and carbon emissions then this article as already completed its mission. Statistics state that the very act of internet users deleting spam and searching genuine mails stamped as junk consumes a great amount of energy which releases green house emissions equivalent to that of two billion gallons of gasoline.

Whereas the functioning of spam filters spends less than one third of the energy required to delete spam and search legitimate mail among your junk. As a responsible netizen you could save the earth if you had spam filter installed. Is it not your duty to preserve the world for future generations? While there are hard core environmentalists ready to lay down their lives for the cause of the world, you should consider saving mother nature and providing the younger generation with a greener world with the least of deeds such as using the technology to lessen the greenhouse gas emissions.

Wondering what would it cost to install a spam filter? No need to worry. There are a number of free spam filters available in the internet. You can find the list of both free and paid spam filters at a dedicated website that help the web users to avoid spam and save energy. Join the campaign for pollution free earth and act now to save the earth for future generations.

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